Ford introduces the look of an electric car's future

As the competition of who brings out the first and most important of the best electric vehicles to warm up, it looks like Ford is embraced by the technology's fastest. Major announcements by General Motors have grown in recent weeks and months when Ford seems to be the market leader in the procurement of electronic vehicles worldwide.

Ford's hybrid technology advancements help the company to strengthen the brand when they deliver their first electric vehicle. The first vehicle is manufactured in Europe and is expected to be named Ford Transit Connect. This machine will include a 29KWH battery, and Ford is expected to sell nearly 100,000 units in the first year.

The plans for the future include many different electronic vehicles that are specifically targeted at the consumer market. The plan applies to a Focus vehicle in 2011. The Ford BEV (battery electric vehicle) has been given a test drive at a recent Washington Auto Fair, which aims at "Acceleration fast" and "hardly" noise buzzing. "Promoting Ford's fans' news

The Ford BEV design between one another and Magna International Magna supplies electrical components, including batteries and power components, to the top of the vehicle's design and design BEV has a car battery charger that only takes 6 hours after charging 220 volts after charging the BEV 100 It is unfortunate for those who are looking for a Ford dealership in Dorset !

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