Formula One Grand Prix Racing

F1 Racing is about speed and technology. How can I use the maximum speed
with the use of modern technology? This is the main goal. The real challenge in the
F1 race is that teams are limited to the same engine size, which
most casual pilots think "what can you do with this?" Indeed, conventional drivers
generally think that the greater the engine, the strength.

For example, the current fastest road car in the Bugatti Veyron. This car
is a monster that can easily be over 200 mph. But the thing is that its weight
is about 500 horsepower per ton. By contrast, F1 weight
is 1500 hp per ton. This is 3 times stronger than the world's fastest track 19459002. However, the engine is 3 times smaller.

Certainly, in an F1 car, there is no comfort ever, and the materials are as light as possible
. Also, if the hamburger guy is a guy, then he probably will not fit into a F1 car
. More than this, a car that takes over a whole team
. If you think you can buy a track and a car, you can easily go to the driver at any time you want, then it's really bad. At the start, a F1
car must be heated. Usually, the car likes it when it warms up with warm hot water
tubes. Why can you ask? Easily. Do you remember when your car is running when it's cold? This is because the engine
has cooled under high pressure. But an F1 car has so many
compression when it's cool that the pistons just do not move.

One of the most recent reviews of Top Gear (UK car manufacturing) has been trying to drive an F1 car in 19459003 saying "how hard can it be?" before the event. Hard
. Very hard. In order for the car to take off, it is typically
to master it. For several reasons, if you hesitate during take-off, the car
will reduce all fuel injection to the engine and return it to the store to reconfigure
. It is supposed to be designed to prevent fire.

Although all of these obstacles are a great reward. Cars are easily approaching the top speed of
at a speed of 300 km / h and 4 seconds in 0 to 100 km / h (19 miles / h)
. Now imagine that you are talking about a Monacói street or even a night race on road roads, or even a Singapore Grand Prix from 1945 to 1945 and you're talking about pure rebellion.

They all said that although most of us will never have a chance to drive a Formula 1, investments and technologies that use high-performance competitive advantages are often used to power
the majority of production cars that we see and use today on the road.

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