Free Cars – fact or fiction?

Drive a free car! You get paid to drive your own car! Are these statements about free cars too good? Are there any companies that really provide you with a free car?

Yes, almost, but not entirely true. A little more to him. However, there is not enough truth and there is enough potential to earn more attention.

Companies DO do exist and do not pay people for driving and they do not provide a free car. Real people participate every day in this type of program.

How does it work?

In short, you agree to run a car that will serve ads for a company's product or service. From the ad you can get a free car to drive or pay for driving your own car. In some cases you can get a free car and pay for driving.

These agreements are generally not handled by the seller of the product or service, but are the marketing or advertising company hired by the product / service company. Some of these marketing and advertising companies offer new vehicles, some offer almost new vehicles from their fleet, others can pay you for driving your own car.

The company is "packing" the car with an easy-to-remove dye-free vinyl film with attractive graphic advertising that promotes the client's product or service. For example, your ad can promote a mobile phone service or a new restaurant in town.

Some ads may cover the whole vehicle (looks good for SUVs, minivans, PT Cruisers), some are only partially, and some are just on the side or rear windows. Do not worry, it's only visible on windows with vinyles ads.

A company offering products or services pays to the advertising company who will pay you for your own car or provide a free car with the ads you already have.

  • The amount paid or free car depends primarily on three factors:

    • Monthly Monthly Days
    • Where To Drive
    • Where To Park

    Elsewhere words were selected according to the number of people who see on average daily the packaged vehicle. They pay more and get a better chance of a free vehicle when driving a lot of miles and driving in a heavily populated and busy area. In some cases you may be asked to drive a particular route every day. The more people you have the chance to visit your car as you drive or where you park, the greater the chance.

    If you drive only a few blocks to a part-time job, back to the suburb, or just Sunday's church, you probably will not be eligible for such a program.

    It is not too hard to understand whether you are eligible for one of these free car-free programs when considering advertisers' goals. You just want your ads to be visible to as many people as possible in a particular area.

    What is the catch?

    You must be at least 18 years old, have a driving license and have a good driving record. You pay for insurance and, in some cases, maintenance, especially if you drive your own car.

    New cars are not always available and may not be able to drive the desired model. However, depending on the company, you have enough choice to find something you like.

    You may not be able to select the ad on your car or the length of time your ad stays in the car. Of course, if you do not like the ad program, you can stop and wait for a better one. Most ads are attractive and well-designed so you would not be embarrassed to see it.

    Keep in mind that the "free" car belongs to the advertising company, not you. At the end of the agreement, which may be up to five years, the car will be returned.

    Remember that your ad stays in the car 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can not be turned on or off. If this is your only car, you must be ready to drive your car everywhere – for weddings, workplaces, schools, malls, and wherever you are driving.

    The race for free cars is very difficult, in many cases it exceeds the demand. Inclusion in the program can take up to 90 days. Therefore, you must have very good training and patience in the attempt to release one of these deals. Free is not always easy.

    But for a car, maybe it was worth it.

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