Get to know Mazda's story

Many drivers know the Mazda Cars brand. Australia is a huge market for this dynamic brand. However, many do not know the history of Mazda and the actual time of the company.

The early roots of the Mazda company date back to the 1920s. The original founder of the company, Jujiro Matsuda, has gathered a small investment group who subsequently acquired Toyo Cork Kogyo. Toyo Cork Kogyo Company is a small operation that produced tools for machining on the domestic market. In 1927, the company became a limited liability company, and in the intervening years, their operations ranged from the manufacture of machine tools to motor vehicles.

The first vehicle officially manufactured by the company was manufactured in 1931. -Megy. This would form the basis of the modern master brand along with the equipment of the Japanese army.

The company continued to produce vehicles with their original name after the Second World War. Until 1984 they were not officially recognized as Mazda. The inspiration for the new name is still controversial today. Some experts believe that Ahura Mazda, the Persian god, comes from while others believe that they originate from the original founder's name. There is also an unanswered question that many of the company's early vehicle designations were branded by Mazda, despite the fact that the name change was not realized decades later.

Mazda experienced the first big increase in popularity in the first 60's when it introduced their first traditional car design. The Mazda R360 was a two-door, four-seat coupé. It had a two-speed automatic or four-speed manual transmission. He had up to 16 horsepower and his top speed was about 52 mph. This is a potential family vehicle that has Mazda's reliability and quality. This was developed by Mazda to distinguish itself from other Japanese car manufacturers. Mazda has made significant resources and efforts for this development, and the first newly developed engine was sold in 1962. Although the engine has been further developed, the current RX8 engine is based on these early designs

. financial difficulties that resulted in a partnership with Ford's motor company in the 1970s. This relationship lasted for decades until the American manufacturer struggled in 2008 with the negative impact of the world recession. These financial issues forced Ford to sell Mazda's financial stake, which allowed the Japanese car manufacturer to regain its independence.

Taking into account Mazda cars, Australia has a wide range of products available. Unlike other world markets, Australian customers really have great access to various vehicles manufactured in Japan. Many of our customers also enjoyed the fantastic after-care and sales support offered by Mazda Australia, which helped the brand to become one of Australia's most popular today.

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