Go Kart Chassis Tuning for the Dirt oval race

This is a basic guide to some of the changes you can make to the field to try to dial in the house. All of these changes should only be used after the default setting, which includes the end of the toes, the angle of inclination, the inclination and the weight. These basic settings should be done at home during the week. The chassis manufacturer must provide a starting point for adjustment. Over time, this starting point may vary depending on what is the most appropriate driving style, the different tracks, and the different career conditions.

first Slow down the air


2nd Let's change to a smaller LF

3. Change to Harder RF

4. LF Exhaust Reduction

5.Add Cross Weight

6.Drain the Front Weight

7. Lowering the rear bumper

When loose at the exit

1.Raising the RF bending

2.Change to softer tire LR

3. Move to LR

4. Increase cross-weight

5.Reduction of rear stair

When the chassis is pressed

1.Change to a softer RF tire

2. Switch to a larger LF

3. Increase the rear stand

4. Lower RF air pressure

5. Increase LF Corner

6. Move LR Output

When the chassis is off

1. Reduce RF Turning

2. Reduce the cross weight

3. Relocation to LR out

4. Changing to a Tougher Tire LR

5. Increase the rear stand

6. Reduce First Step

7. Increasing First Weight

When Chassis Connected

1. Increase the front and rear stand

2. Changing to Harder Tires

3. Raise the air pressure

4. Reduction of cross-weight

5. Increasing Rear Weight

6. Moving RR

4 Wheel Slides

1. Lower air pressure

2. Move RR

to 3. Changing to Slower Tires

4. Reducing Left Weight

5. Raise VCG (lifting seat)

There are a number of practical tools and gauges available to help riders build a race car. Most of them, such as Longacre Custer / Camber, Longacre Computerscales, Accutoe Pro Laser Toe, Longacre, Longacre Durometer, and Tire Stagger tape are available in most of the stores, including their own: http: // smokinjoeracing.com

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