Gran Turismo 3 – PS2

Gran Turismo 3 – PS2 is the racing game that's up to the next level and was the first game that really showed what PlayStation 2 is capable of graphics, sound, gameplay, and overall gaming experience regards. Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, released by Sony in 2001, has become one of the most popular PS2 games ever and defined the benchmarks that the video game has to offer.

During the Gran Turismo 3 PS2 game, you can spend most of the time using the simulation mode. In this mode, it is up to 10,000 credits (the currency of the game) and the purchase of the first car. With this car, you can gradually enter into difficulties and earn money as you go, and then you can use your configurations to improve your car's handling (or improve speed) or purchase new cars. Another significant part of this mode is the licensing center, which includes licenses B, A, IB, IA, Rally and S-Class. During the game, you must acquire all licenses (each license consists of 8 separate tests), as different competitions require different licenses to enter.

Gran Turismo 3 PS2 also has the advantage of being one of the longest racing games, as it takes up to two hours to last a lot. Many casual gamers have since criticized Sony's decision to include this kind of perseverance, but in reality it only plays the toughest player playing exclusively the game of love. One of the best things about Gran Turismo 3 is to change all parts of your car – from suspension to gear. This allows you to fully control your driving experience and means that you can cling to different elements to get maximum performance from your driver.

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