GSX – A Buick Super Car

I'm going to talk about the 1970 Buick GSX, a very special car with 455 CID Buick's big block, which pumped an amazing 510 FTLB torque. in the 1992 American car the biggest torque was when the alleged glory of the Dodge Viper, but the Viper is a special car, not like every one of us Vipera, but we could all have Buick GSX, now we can think that Buick " grandma car ", but you're sick, bad.

Many races have lost this car due to lack of respect, many people have stumbled on the name on these cars, but do not miss this car was able to overcome any car on the road by muscle car era, many people easily took these cars, and they paid a great price for their disrespect. In 1970, 678 Buick GSX super cars were produced, 187 Apollo white GSX Buick and 491 Saturn yellow ones.

The GSX distributed a bonnet mounted tach; 3.42: 1 rear gear; G60-15 "billboard" Wide-Oval Tires; a special front stabilizer bar; and a rear spoiler, the GSX also got a 4-speed gearbox and a Hurst shifter; the cars also had a special set of graphics installed from the factory that had two racing streaks running through the hood and lid cover of the car and a thin strip ran on both sides of the car.

The Buick GSX had nothing to do with laughter, this car could have put itself in place and was able to have a full heart attack, this car was not heart weak, Grandma's car.

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