GTM Supercar is second fastest on ALL-Time

Factory Five GTM is the second fastest car that has been tested by Car and Driver Magazine. That's right. Only the single-wheel drive, 1,000 HP, the Millimi Dollar Bugatti Veyron is faster than 0-60 mph!

Car & Driver magazine crew only for the total number of tests in the last 50 years! This must in any case end the bench-racing arguments for the fastest cars in the world and we should all have a good point of reference to compare the 60's cars with modern cars.

The great news for us is that the stock is an LS7 factory Five GTMs, which last year were tested by Larry Webster at Arizona Bondurant, are at the top of a very expensive and impressive pile.

GTM is the second fastest car ever tested at 0-60 mph and fourth fastest in a quarter mile. It's a whimsical thing.

The only car on the planet is faster than the GTM 0-60 mph (3.0 seconds) of the Bugatti Veyron in a wonderful 2.5 seconds.

The only cars on the planet in the fourth mile (11.0 seconds) in Bugatti Veyron in 10.1 seconds, the Hennesey twin turbo Ford GT in 10.6 seconds and the Saleen Twin Turbo S7 in 0.1 seconds , 10.9 seconds

Cars that joined the GTM in the fourth quarter were just the Mosler MT900 and the Lingenfelter Dodge ACR Viper. GTM huge Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari 599 GTB, as well as Porsche Carrera GT and 911 GT2 Turbo!

The data compiled by Car and Driver is truly fun to read and include the very interesting collection of our favorite cars over the years. Look at the whole article, and if you have a GTM or a building, smile is large and wide if someone is LEARNING in any light anywhere in the world. That's a good man!

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