History of repairs to the automotive industry – Why do we need trained technicians in the collision repair industry?

The first cars are nothing more than a buggy and a motorcycle (usually repaired by blacksmiths and carpenters).

  • Car History Overview

    • Cars were very expensive, only the rich could afford. )
    • AT model was the mass production of the first car in 1908 (Ford's Vision was to produce an affordable car for the average person)
    • just to keep costs. (The price dropped after the running belt was streamlined, but in 1908 the cost of the T had risen to $ 825, and the car's cost to $ 550 fell to $ 550 in 1913.

    Cars in the 1960s

    are the same basic route in the 60s

    • Frame Over Frame
    • Rear Wheel Drive (the same concept but the cars were very large, heavy and heavy)

    Except people in the 60's SPEED! This is achieved with the Big Block Motors, which have created many horses.

    • Customers demanded increased fuel economy
    • New laws and customer demands triggered a car explosion in the automotive industry's technical ideas and changes

      • Cars in the 1970s

        • Government's Rigorous Fuel Savings and Emissions Reduction Law [19659006] Changes to Requirements and Compliance with Law

          • Small Bodies and Small Engines
          • Aerodynamics (Fuel Milestone Enhancement)
          • Safety

          Building Interstate Highways + Better Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLimits + More Powerful Cars = Accidents and More

        • Deaths From Automatic Accidents

          Federal laws have been adopted to regulate security. These laws include the following:

          • Safety glass windscreens
          • Head restraints
          • The first driver's airbag was launched in 1979
          • Airbags are mandatory for passenger cars manufactured after 1990
          • Unibody Torque boxes:
          • Aluminum Parts
          • Multiple Plastic Components
          • High Strength Steel
          • Boron Steel
          • Carbon Fiber Parts
          • Carbon Fiber Parts
          • ] 19659004]
          • Computer
          • Hybrid Cars

          Lost Where to Go to Parallel Park for You


          While modern cars seem inexpensive and unsafe, they are actually designed to crumble or crash what while transferring power to the stronger passenger car is injured by passenger injuries

          Modern passenger cars cause significantly more damage than older vehicles when they collide, creating the impression that they are "not doing them as long ago". However, in reality, cars choose the way rather than the passengers.

          The lesson was designed to provide some history, but emphasizes that only a hammer, dolly, and some wrench will not repair today's cars. We need a highly skilled collision repair and automotive technicians for today's car repair.

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