History of the 1960s Top 10 sports cars – The Porsche 356

When the 356 became the first, they could only get them in the coupe and in the convertible, but they came up with a gear that was a lighter convertible but was drawn in 1965. It is the most desirable model in the 356, where the Carrera, often sold more than £ 100,000, sells the Super 90 and Speedster. In the second half of the 1950s, the usual sales price was around the Porsche 3000 pound.

In the United States, there was only one importer at Porsche and was known as Max Hoffman, states with lower cost, but even more track versions, and due to the size of the US market, Porsche jumped to the right, with two feet and came with the 356 "Speedster", which the Americans just love, and since they came with a small windshield that they could pick up if they wanted to compete on weekends, they also came with buckets in that market. The 356 Speedster was a popular release at Porsche, which is still popular today, and many of them are looking for more than £ 80,000, but not just to use them in movies. One of the most popular movies is the Top Gun Tom Cruise.

In 1957, 1171 cars were sold, which was rather astonishing, but in 1959 it was replaced by the convertible D model. The D model was a much more practical windshield, a bit higher and it was decided that the glass side windows and comfortable seats provide a much better driving experience and attract more people.

The Porsche 356 coupe and convertible were still in 1965 and the last 356B Roadster rolled off in 1963. The last 356 model was called the 356C with the disc brake. Porsche has already set up the strongest Push bot engine, which has produced 95 breaks of horsepower!

Porsche released the 911 in 1964. The problem with 911 was that they were a bit pricey for the Americans and complained, in fact they were almost double the price of 356 and started to manufacture the 912, which was the engine of a 356 and used the powerful pushrod engine at that time , so the US market was once again satisfied, and 912 was sold from 1965 to 1969. [19659002] 56 years later, and the 356C made the top 10 of the 1960s sports cars, and to date 356 is a recognized sports car among Porsche fans and collectors. The 356 was definitely a car that will survive, and time proves that Porsche has got the 356 model.

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