Honda Civic Hybrid – The Best of Two Worlds?

I've probably watched too many comic strips lately, but I'm obsessed with the idea of ​​combining two good things and doing a great thing. Consider, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo, the world's best football player by any legible football vote or FIFA. Yes, it is brilliant for scoring and defending the defenders, but it needs to be defended and lashes more like a dog abandoned. So he is really the best offensive footballer, and with this logic, Manchester United teammate Rio Ferdinand is undoubtedly the best defender in the world. Combine the two, and then yes. I agree you have the best footballer in the world. Same for engines. The traditional internal combustion engine revolutionized travel, and supply has allowed the world to be much smaller. The problem is that the ozone layer was set to much lower, so it was said to reduce our carbon footprint or fry it. The electric motor is therefore a response to our prayers, except for one of the biggest mistakes – miles are miles so it's better to ride. Well, and behold, Honda watched the same movies as I did, because their crazy scientists turned up the Civic Hybrid, combining combustion and electric motors.

Before examining whether this Honda Civic is really any good, let's have a short lesson about how the whole hybrid thing works. The car uses both electric and gasoline engines at the same time as most of the driving, which helps reduce emissions. The really clever bit, however, is that when it slows down and not the power from the propulsion engines, the electric motor becomes a generator and power is used to charge the batteries – so it is not necessary to connect to the power socket. There are also some trick on his sleeve. If it stops in traffic or red, the petrol engine stops completely and only switches back on when the foot is removed from the brake pedal.

The result is that it is equivalent to a 1.6-liter saloon that returns 60mpg compared to rivals of gasoline averaging 40mpg. The performance is much better than you can expect, with a 93 hp 1.4 liter engine that is powered by 20 bhp power, which means that it will be difficult to notice the difference in performance from conventional 1.6-liter petrol to a car . As outlined above, you will surely notice the increase in fuel consumption and your wallet will still be more advantageous if the car is released from the London Congestion Prize and, more importantly, I paid £ 198 for 1.6.

Okay, we've established the engine (s) and the running costs are minimal, but what are the other cars? Starting with style, my initial reaction simply shakes my shoulder. This is a bit rough because it comes from the perspective of a man who usually looks at more curved and beautiful cars than a supermodel; The Civic style has always been negatively biased. I admit it looks much better in the body than on the paper, which seems a) seems unbelievable, and b) the cop, but this is a real physical inability. In addition, it looks much better than the Honda's main competitor to the Toyota Prius because it does not try the span time and finally looks terribly awkward. The most important thing, though not ugly, is a limestone old Civic style between back and sides, with the end of the front. Because he does not commit in any way, he seems to be insecure.

The current Civic product line is one of the top categories in the lead and Hybrid does not let it down. They have experienced that blowing on the brake pedal is also a cause for striking, but rather as a rear end. Like the backing, the interior is of the same high standard and the materials used are similar to those of Honda's German rivals. The style is ironically much better than the exterior, the neon blue lights decorate the speedometer, and although all buttons and gizmos have always been easily handed over by Hondas, the Civic makes it a little moody than the older models.

There is no doubt that Honda is committed to hybrid cars and their green credentials (printers are made from recycled elephant manure). The company expects to exchange 1000 pieces per year, while catching the Prius slowly. The question is whether you will be one of the buyers?

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