Honda NSX – high performance midway

By observing Honda NSX, I can not help seeing things that do not get a lot of credit for their performance before the end of 2005. The NSX-type R-type engine has been shown on Japanese tracks and winding roads, while the Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche names are almost ashamed. Despite the fact that this machine is rotating at the same time or faster than any other car in all circles, it has been expelled from the car industry due to low traffic sales. The big name of a European sports car manufacturer should have been tedious with the tears when they heard that a Honda, which had been hooked up to 280-pixel Japanese regulation, had run before or before 400-550-pixel monsters.

Despite having gained a lot of victory over the circuit over the more expensive high horse racers, the car did not get much gratification from consumers. Perhaps the buyers really do not care about the actual capabilities of a clean sports car, but something else that touches them. Why do people watch a car like NSX to be mediocre? Why are they willing to spend the money three times for something technically inferior? Perhaps people just do not want to show a car to their buddies who have six cylinders under 300 hp. I mean, it would be better to add something with a twelve rollers that showed others how far into the world, or show NSX R videos to people in the world's top supercar so they can believe it. About the small amount of NSX sales and the answers to the question: "What's the dream car?" it would seem that if the general public does not respect the manufacturer for the creation of a super car, they may not waste their time or money.

When Honda, Toyota or Nissan companies such as Honda, Toyota or Nissan try to build things that are astounding the world and have a generic driving power of over $ 60,000, how difficult or impossible it is not enthusiastic to even watch. Cars such as the Subaru WRX STI and the Mitsubishi EVO, which can comfortably be funded for around $ 35,000, are great sellers because they are under the age of 30 who are not usually on the super car market. Attracting mature, well-established, deep-seated consumers is a problem for companies where about 80% of the vehicle's construction is under 30 kilograms. Your masterpiece will of course not be praised by the people unless they look to the font and see something touching their meaning and rarity. The Honda emblem will not reach the heart of most people who can afford a super car, but a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche badges will be safe.

So why is the buyer attracted by a Ferrari company that can reach three new NSXs for the new F430 while still pocket-changing? I feel that since most of Ferrari's efforts are being competed, they are considered a sharp and targeted automaker. Honda and Toyota, however, seem to be making efforts for high-quality everyday cars that will surely see the nearest shopping mall or grocery store. For almost a century, the majority of Ferraris profit from production cars on racing cars, which further stimulate and encourage competitors. Ferrari thanks to their contribution to the continuation of the dominance of the competitors, thanks consumers for their personal heritage, the F1 blade changer, countless carbon components and the brazed, responsive V12 power plant. Honda, however, uses racing as a PR tool to produce more cars. This means that if competition has no advertising effect to sell more cars, it simply stops racing. This opposite approach is more of a business tactic than to deepen the pocket of the manufacturer instead of a fund for a real passion.

Now that the NSX is gone, I believe that Honda will try to release content that the buyer gives a sense of feeling to the racing car. Although the NSX R was undoubtedly fast and cruel, few modern racing car features were missing, such as the clutch with fewer gear changes, oversized wheels, electronically controlled engine and suspension settings, and idiot-resistant traction controls. The appearance of the Nissan R35 GTR in the United States next year should be the ultimate test to see if the Americans will surely accept the Japanese supercar. If no one bites on this large machine with nearly 500-pound electronically-controlled differential and suspension settings, paddle change and unmatched performance, Honda throws it into the super car towel.

Even if the NSX is lost with its shoes, Honda continues to have such athletic models as the S2000 and the powerful Civics to further develop. These cars will still need sufficient excitation for the narrower cartoon fanatics who seem to be growing in the world. Such lovers and hard lovers use their cars for whatever they deserve, giving the manufacturer the gratitude and compensation he has made. In addition to the exploding world of tuning, these fanatics can save and glitter affordable rockets as fast as expensive super cars while giving their own personal touch to the process. Honda, Toyota, Subaru and Mitsubishi, like Honda, Toyota, Subaru and Mitsubishi, recognize the wonderful things they have done with high-performance and low-cost vehicles, and every year they try to keep the scene fresh models. .

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