Horse Racing: How much money do you want to compete with?

In horse racing it is reasonable to decide how much money you want in the race. It's a little bit easier on the way to the money, because now there is a straight shot for the goals. In a real competitive situation it should be more accurate than "I want a lot of money" or . ", etc. Such a thing is not a solid plan and it is only necessary. A simple and flexible plan. It doesn't have to be complicated.
(1) target: $ 1.6 million
(2) time frame: four years or my birth date
(3) playable tracks: Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park only
(4) can play: Pick 3, Pick 4 and Trifecta
(5) playable fields : 8-11 Field Size
(6) Game Types: Benefits, Weaknesses and Stakes
(7) Ticket Prices: $ For 8 Field Sizes. $ B 9 for Field Size. $ C 10 for Field Size $ D 11 for field size. How much money do you want to compete for?

Just think for a second how long you played on horses and how much did you do or did you win? Yes? No? Just think for a second if you are in the game and use the simple things you do or should have done to achieve your goals. So one of the first things we need to do is to decide how much it will take to satisfy your money. $ 10,000? $ 100,000? $ 1 million? $ 3,000,000?

How much and how you will get. Let me give you a tip. Break the horse races into two big but equal parts. (1) defined all aspects on one side by selecting, selecting, selecting, predicting, and defining competitions. (2) then raised every case to determine and determine how much profit or money is earned for several months or more years on the other side. This results in two equally important halves. Handicaping and Profit There are already two big books about each of them that show how to apply their knowledge. So again, how much money do you want in the race?

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