Horse Racing: how to find the missing link in the race

Finding the missing relationship in competition and making millions or finding a race is what each player is looking for. Is there a missing relationship that no one knows? All practical information about horse racing is known from every practical point of view. All this is simply not known by one person. The information is scattered in all directions through the mass media. The player thinks no one knows everything, but he doesn't need to know everything. Only concrete things. You don't need to know what you eat for the coach lunch.

It is worth knowing what you ate for lunch, because what we eat affects behavior. So the point will be: what should the player know? (1) Horse racing consists of two main parts: profit fixing and disadvantage. (2) That there is enough money left in the payments to make a profit in the long run. (3) There is a way to make a profit from the competition or a way to learn, but you have to learn and work with advanced profits and advanced handicapping. Again, there is no missing link in the competition.

Only knowing the knowledge of the game. The information is there. But you have to know it. In order to win money in the tournament, the player must first know what kind of cash flow is generated in the game, according to the size of the area, how much money can be made, how much can be done and how to do it. (1) Each field size has a different amount of money (this is a profit). (2) Each field size has different disadvantageous method (s) or system (s) that best predict and select the horse (s) (this is the handicapping).

These two things alone tell the player that it's a huge deal. I wish you knew. The way to compete is to explain in detail how to make a profitcapping, which includes some parts of the game: a good profit record formatting form, good ticket pricing, finding potential profits that can be in the 100's. Dollar Million Dollars, Getting to Know Your Ticket Probability, Going through or Playing (Both Profit and Discrimination), Financial Management, Creating Stocks, Ranking Horses Properly, Compare Rankings, Formatting Disadvantaged Tickets, Finding Elimination Methods, Negatives created and much more. This is what every player should know

. The only limit is knowledge in the game. You must have the knowledge to progress the game. This partly means how we can understand the missing link in the competition.

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