Hot Wheels Stealth Rides RC Racing Car Review

Hot Wheels made this time for Xmas with a folding, pocket-sized car. The Hot Wheels Stealth Rides RC Racing Car is a three-inch dwarf racing car that folds into a hybrid remote transmitter / car holder. Children up to 8 years of age will certainly love this car, especially for acceleration, flexibility and simplicity. Unlike the Stealth Rides model, a lot of remote gaming in this category consists of a separate, powerful radio-controlled transmitter, and this helps Stealth Rides Racing Car be such an advanced radio-controlled game.

Hot Wheels has been renamed to high quality and unique games, and Stealth Rides Racing Car is not disappointing. A folding design makes this the first rc vehicle today. Just by pressing the conversion button, the edges of the car turn away, allowing the car to be inserted into the car. The end result is a very narrow case that is small enough to get in the back pocket. If you are able to compete with the vehicle, simply touch the transform button while sliding your car out of your case and adjusting to the next race.

The first thing you notice about this RC car is speed and agility. Virtually all remote controlled cars around this size are generally not very sensitive and do not work very efficiently. This excellent racing car is ideal for indoor and solid areas. The competitor has a shorter infrared range compared to several RC cars, so it is relatively close to the car while using the machine.

Each car has a number of channels and when competing with a friend it is advisable to ensure that each car is set to another channel. Or you can potentially discover how you control each other's cars! You can simply set the cars for a match. When setting the other car channel, move only one car to channel 1 and place channel 1. Because employers have a mild risk of infrared, that the remote control of the television can influence the tax on cars. One of its great advantages is the power of Stealth Rides Racing Car. If the transmitter and the car remain idle for a while, it immediately stops the valuable battery.

The box includes the RC Stealth Rides Racing car, three AG13 (LF44) power supplies, an additional (3) AG13 (LF44) power supply and the complete user manual. The car also features motorized tread tires, which can lead to road sections. You will discover 5 different types of RC Stealth Cars, Power Tread Camo, Red Racing Car, Power Tread Silver Racer, Blue Racing Car and the brilliant Batmobile Tumbler.

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