How do hybrid cars work?

Due to the sudden rise in gas prices, the Hybrid car is also interesting. We'll look at the Hybrid car quickly.

Hybrid cars are part of the green movement . These vehicles increase combustion efficiency by combining battery and electric motors. Electric motors help the engine, thus reducing the fuel consumption. With the help of the electric motor, many Hybrid uses a smaller engine than their smaller brakes, which further reduces gas consumption.

Contrary to popular belief, these hybrids may not necessarily be connected to battery charging. The on-board batteries are charged by the kinetic energy generated by the braking and the engine.

Full Versus Mild Hybrids
There are two hybrid types: full hybrids and mild hybrids. Complete hybrids allow both the engine and the electric motors to work together with the car, either separately. If it stops, the engine is switched off. When moving forward, the electric motor drives the car only. Hybrids of this type include Toyota, Lexis, Ford.

Small hybrids are primarily used by electric motors with high use of the gasoline engine. The electric motor is smaller and never leads to the vehicle itself. The engine stops if it is unmanaged. This type of hybrid is used by General Motors and Honda.

Parallel Versus Series Hybrid
If you thought that completeness and mild confusing, then the definition of parallel versus sequences would be impossible. Let's just look at it and let it be the subject of discussion during the conversation.

In a parallel hybrid, the fuel tank ensures the performance of the petrol engine, while the battery provides the power of the electric motors. Both motor and motors can be used to drive the vehicle.

In the Hybrid series, the engine charges the batteries and electric motors drive the vehicle. The engine never leads directly to the vehicle.

All hybrids are now a parallel hybrid. In the near future, the introduction of the Chevy Volt will be a hybrid series. Specifically, a plug-in Hybrid series.

Pluggable Hybrids
While pluggable hybrids do not need to be wired (this is optional), this capability allows recharging of batteries when the vehicle is not in use. This greatly extends the range of the Hybrid; in the past there is a limit on all electric vehicles.

Hydrogen Hybrids
Hybrids over which batteries and electric motors are used as alternative sources of propulsion for the vehicle use hydrogen hybrid hydrogen to supplement gasoline gasoline. This approach is most commonly found in fleet vehicles. Also on-demand system, the engine generates the power to create hydrogen gas by electrolysis of water.

Hydrogen gas (more specifically so-called oxyhydrogen or HHO) is mixed with gasoline in the engine cylinder to generate additional power, thereby increasing the engine's efficiency. The advantage of this hybrid is that it can be easily fitted to existing vehicles and uses tap water with a simple power source.

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