How does BMW EfficientDynamics help to save fuel?

EffcientDynamics is the latest technology used in some BMW models, such as Series 1, Series 3, and Series 5. This technology seeks to increase fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness without meeting the driving experience.

EffiencyDynamics fuel-saving features in BMW

Stop auto-starting

This reduces fuel consumption and emissions. If the cars are idle, the car is switched off to save energy. Simply switch on the engine by lowering the clutch. Brake energy regeneration The use of brakes can not waste your energy with this technology; actually reused it. The battery is charged using recycled energy. In fact, less CO2 emissions are released and your car has better fuel efficiency.

Electric Power Steering

Steering system is designed to use energy only when the wheel actually rotates and not when the car is moving straight. This naturally reduces fuel consumption. Optimal Motion Indicator This is a recommended system built into the inside of the car to indicate when to replace. After the indicator, fuel consumption is high, as the car will not rise.

Easy Technique

Body and engine are made of lightweight materials. This, of course, reduces the performance needed to advance the car, thus reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption. The car was much more sensitive and improved in treatment.

Reduced Rolling Resistant Tires

With this technology, the tires and the road are much less frustrated. This effectively increases fuel efficiency and allows the car to release less CO2 emissions.

Low friction fluids

Engine oil and gear fluid are designed to flow more efficiently through the car, working together. Less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are achieved, with smoother drive.

Active Aerodynamics

Ventilation holes are automatically closed to help drive the engine faster and better from the start of travel and fuel economy. Instead of wasting fuel on the engine, the air vents open and breathe, which naturally reduces the fuel requirement. The ventilators, however, are open when they cool down the engine's engine compo- nents if needed.

Efficientdynamics is an excellent example of BMW's commitment to a more environmentally friendly environment and is a major step towards the company's vision of emission-free driving. Maintenance of the BMW is also essential for maximum fuel efficiency according to the manufacturer's schedule.

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