How long has it been for you to get decent hybrid cars on the market?

Recently, a group of high-profile real estate agents met on hybrid cars and a prominent real estate agent in South California asked why he did not see more hybrid cars in the street due to the high cost of gasoline? He asks:

How did he get this long enough to get commendable hybrid cars on the market?

There are many reasons why hybrids take so long to come to market – one of the biggest reasons is that they cost a lot of money for mold making and every time a car maker starts making a lot of money. to reinvigorate the threat of Auto Union for curbing if this money is not paid for higher wages or benefits.

Another major reason for anti-class action laws, in fact, has been the 10th anniversary of Toyota Prius and was a victim of very high class anti-class charges. Another reason is due to the fact that a hybrid is by its nature a dual system, that is, the gasoline and battery charge, and the batteries are charged with a regenerative fracture. This means that you use energy when the car slows or stops.

It's a big idea, but the car is more complicated, and that means more things can happen badly; Murphy and that means it costs more money to do them. But there is still a price that the consumer will pay and where not. Having approached this price, it means less demand and less traffic, which means that automakers will not get the benefits of mass production "Henry Ford Theory" or economies of scale. Therefore, they are less profitable in creating these.

Even though the Bush administration twice extended the hybrid tax credit as part of initiatives to promote the slowdown of foreign oil dependence, there were fewer hybrids and waiting lines. Car makers did not take risks in a sketchy political atmosphere and in the seafaring lawyers' shark. The early Toyota Prius & # 39; there were some problems and the company was sued for a great deal of time. Something I would design in 2008.

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