How Safe Are V8 Hotlaps?

Just the thought of V8 hotlaps is one that can stir up the adrenal gland – so no wonder so many people find the idea of ​​actually doing it so appealing. It is often not a decision taken lightly – as time off work and financial constraints need to be taken into account before you jump into the driver's seat of one of the various supercars available. There are various ways you can experience V8 hotlaps, but oftentimes it is simply by buying the experience of having been given the experience by someone else. In this article we will look at the basic facts about driving such a car.

V8 hotlaps can be experienced in various countries around the world, including the USA, Australia and New Zealand. The invariably takes place on race tracks and can be taken in two forms: you can either choose to drive the car yourself or sit on the passenger seat, while an experienced driver will take you round the circuit.

Trying such hotlaps is something that one often does not think of buying for oneself, which is why many people just end up trying it because they have been given the gift by someone else. While there may be a certain amount of trepidation as regards the process for some people, it should be pointed out that these racetrack experiences are conducted by highly trained instructors so that every aspect of the driving experience is safe and fully understood. Briefings on V8 hotlaps will invariably cover various techniques on cornering, apexes, exiting, efficient acceleration and braking, steering, gear changes and general car control.

It is important that during the training you feel at ease to ask any questions you need to know the answer to. You will be able to put all the theory into practice very soon afterwards. You'll get to know the track very well, noting any difficult areas or corners before you start. In most situations involving V8 hotlaps your instructor will be sitting next to you, ensuring that you drive safely at all times – while enjoying yourself at the maximum.

V8 hotlaps provide people who would not normally get the chance to drive such a super car the opportunity to really let loose and enjoy themselves. Few activities, it might be argued, can provide this level of thrill and speed. As mentioned, there are a wide range of companies offering these driving experiences. In response to the question – how are the V8 hotlaps safe? The answer is very safe indeed.

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