How to beat the car for sale

If you are like most people, you don't often buy a vehicle. It is very easy for an experienced salesman to be a victim and spend much more than you need to. Here are 5 steps before buying.

5) KNOW YOUR RESEARCH! Consider the different things you need in a vehicle like size, fuel economy, Awd, etc. Browse the various brands (GM, Toyota?). Read reviews and compare vehicles.

4) SEARCH FOR SEARCH! Choose the vehicles that are most interested and learn the individual advantages and disadvantages. If you teach yourself enough, chances are you will know more than the seller when the shopping time comes. Try comparing "Total Cost of Ownership". The total cost of ownership is too often ignored, basically what the car will pay for in a certain period of time. Important!

3) ONLY TEST DRIVE! This is where it will be cumbersome. Few dealers allowed you to drive and go, landed and put pressure on you. The trick here is that you are interested in actually being and let the seller take care of your work and show the vehicle, describe the features and test it. After the drive DO NOT go in and get involved! Get your card and leave it.

2) CHOOSE THE VEHICLE! – Choose one after driving cars! Hopefully you have done the research and created a budget. At this point, research promotions and incentives on the vehicle. The manufacturer's site reveals current vehicle programs. Make sure

1) SHOPPING! Ok, now it's fun! Choose at least two dealerships (one local service). Go to your local dealer and get pricing. Let me know that you are buying but willing to buy if the price is right! Don't waste this guy all day, you give him the last chance, just don't tell him.


Take the price to the other dealer. Don't play games, just tell him what price you have and ask if you can beat it to get your business. Even tell him where you are trading if he doesn't hold anything. After receiving your price and giving you …. WALK AWAY !!!!!

Now …. Go back to the original dealer and you say you buy the car, if you can beat the price, make 90% of the credit card (this helps). maybe a little moan.

Although this seems to be problematic, and maybe a few hundred left on the table, you will get a good deal with the car you bought!

CONGRATS !! and enjoy the new car !!!!!!

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