How to build a basic bike generator

A basic bicycle generator can be a very simple and entertaining project for newcomers and amateurs in the world of electronics and inventions. This article describes two different types of generators. The first is a pedal bike. Wherever you go, you can mount it on the bike. The other is a stationary bike. This makes it easy to charge a battery or feed a small TV.

Getting a Motor – The first step is to purchase a DC motor for the bicycle generator. It can be purchased from an old computer or printer. The motors are present in almost every electronic element. You can buy online and buy a new engine at an affordable price. After you have purchased or purchased the engine, you must take off the o-rings and the plastic gears.

Engine Installation – The next step is to mount the engine on the rear tire. This allows the tire to turn the motor shaft. You will need a kind of disc for the engine's arm. This allows you to touch the tire. It is always better to use large rubber discs because they provide good friction. Turning can cause tension in the motor leads

The basic element of the stationary bike – First, talk about a stationary bike. If you are trying to build a stationary bicycle generator, you need to build a stand. This ensures that the rear tire is raised. Measure the motor generated voltage with a multimeter or voltmeter when pedaling. This is usually enough to power a small TV or charge a 12-volt battery.

The next step is to connect a voltage regulator to the motor wires to reach the devices to be charged or run. If you do not use a controller, the batteries may explode. For those who do not know, the voltage regulators are small chips. Easy to solder on a circuit. For every simple voltage regulator, it's easy and easy to get a schema. You can get it from the electronics store or over the Internet

Once the voltage regulator has been used for a motor bike generator, you can run any compatible device freely. You can get 100-200 watts of power.

The basic element of a moving bike – On the other hand, if you are trying to build a generator for a moving bike, the battery holder should only be installed in the following location: rear tire. It is better to mount it just above the tire. In this way, there is no need to use long connecting wires. It must also be ensured that the wires are tight and do not enter the tire. The other steps are the same as a standing bicycle generator

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