How to Build a Drag-Racing Car

Drag Racing is a kind of racing car. The winner is the first to run through the series. This was the sport first introduced in the USA after the Second World War, but has since become very famous.

There are special cars specially designed for drag racing, but they can build on their own. There are some people who renovate old sports car models to be worthy to enter this competition. So you can build your drag dragon type car:

1. Note: In this car, speed, strength and aggressiveness are required. If the car speed is high, if the car can not curve curves efficiently, it may slide off the track. Be sure to modify your car's suspension. Reduces movement when it accelerates. If you use high torque to the car, the car responds by lifting its front end and relying on one side losing its stability.

2nd Step: Choose the right tires. Since you are competitive, you have to choose the most durable tires. At this time you can not afford to use a pinch of flats or punches. Choose those who stick better and stick, as some roads tend to be slightly slippery. Experts like tire, as this results in better surface traction. This also helps speed up and gain momentum.

3rd Step: Appropriate protective equipment must be fitted. The car must be equipped with a fire extinguisher when the engine is flame. The helmet must be ready and wear special protective goggles. The car must also be equipped with airbags for worse casualties. You also need a coil to be installed, as this will protect you if your car crashes and rolls over.

4th One trick to win the race is to create a mixture of your own fuel. This is the secret of the drag racer. Combinations of all types of gasoline, particularly high octane, nitrous oxide and other fuel types, such as methanol. You can ask the expert to help mix the substitutes, as it may be dangerous if you experiment yourself.

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