How to Drive a Stick Shift Car

Many people strive to be able to drive a "stick shift" car, though few people go through and learn to learn. This is a shame because driving a steerfast car is simple and fun. This is the absolute skill that everybody needs to acquire. Here are some tips on how to drive a stick shift car.

Every automobile has four key elements: clutch pedal, accelerator pedal, brake pedal and gearbox. To properly prop up the stick shift, all of them must be used in a harmonious way. The good news is that if you know how to drive an automobile, just a few more steps will have to be learned.

First, when a stick shift is in a car, it is generally the case if the gearbox is to be placed in the transmission when the engine is stopped. To start the car, place your foot on the clutch completely downwards, then turn on the ignition. As soon as the engine is started while holding the foot on the clutch, place the gear in neutral position. After the transaxle is in the neutral position, release the clutch. At this point, hold your foot in the brake and release the handbrake.

When the car starts, the next move to the street or other highway where you intend to drive. If you go straight, hold your foot on the brake, press the clutch and put your car in the first gear. To get the car started, give a little gas to the car – approx. 2000 rpm is usually pretty good. After doing this, slowly release the clutch, about one-third to move the car. Slightly move a little, lower the clutch slightly and press again. If you want to move in reverse, put the car back and follow the same steps.

When you open your way to the street, the next step is actually putting your car in the gearbox and driving. Like the previous paragraph, the first step is to press the clutch and place it on the first gear. After switching to the first gear, press the throttle – again, 2000 rpm is usually good. If you have given a little gas to the car, gradually lower the clutch. When you do this, you will notice that rpms starts to decrease and the car starts to move. Once the rpms reaches 1,000 or when you feel the engine is struggling, gently put more cars into the car. Continue until the clutch fully disengages. Now you are in the first grade and you can drive!

After driving, the gearbox is simple. When you reach a high enough speed, simply push the clutch and push the car to the next gear. After the next step, release the clutch again. If you slow down, use a similar process. You must depress the clutch, but this time you have to shift to a lower gear. If you've ever stopped, simply push the clutch and push the car to neutral. Now drive the stick! It's so simple!

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