How to get the most money for your garbage cars

If an old clunker is idle in his garage or in the driveway, he will probably get rid of it soon.

But don't rush to sell the vehicle. Although it looks like a demolition derby, it is likely that the panels and engine parts are worth it. Before you drop the car, carefully consider the options and choose the one that will pay the most money. If you need help determining the best option, the following tips will help.

Sell to Individuals

Most private customers want cars to run. If the car stops, the chances of selling it to a person are thin – unless of course the car is classic. In this case, the body can only be valuable. If the clunker is just a regular vehicle, it is better to sell it to a dealer or a rescue yard that pays cash for cars.

Sell to a car dealer

Car dealers are interested in buying used vehicles. After all, research shows that many merchants are profiting from selling new models. In order to sell a car to a merchant, it must be in good condition. Dealers do not mind replacing tires or some bad parts of the engine, but they want to invest as little money as possible in order for the vehicle to be sold. As a result, cash is not usually offered for fast cars.

For Sale

Rescue yard according to the "Cash" program is the best place to sell an unauthorized vehicle. The rescue cards that offer cash for vehicles sell sold parts with a wrecked, broken, or problem that causes problems. In addition to paying the seller hundreds of dollars for a clunker, the rescue yard often offers free towing.


If you have an old clunker that you think is classic or need some repairs to be in good condition, most money can be sold to a person or to an automated dealer. However, if the car is not classic and costly repairs are needed to run again, the best option is to sell in the Cashier Cars program. To find out how worthy your clunker is, call the emergency room that offers cash for cars today.

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