How to Make a First Web Site From Anything

So you've finally decided that it's time for you or your business to get a website. Now is the question of where to start? If we are like most people, the following thoughts and ideas in your mind are largely straight from the bat.

first I need to have an encoder.

2nd I'll do it myself.

3rd Do you have to get that kid in our family who is in his / her own area.

Maybe I'm too overwhelmed with the third, but honestly, if you find a good site, it may be difficult.

For a guy like me, I just create sites that work – that's me, I'm strictly an internet marketer, so I'm not really interested in the look. As long as you do the job and have a very fair conversion rate, I'm fine.

But for the first timer, here are some options that need to be considered. If you do not have time at all, you only get the money, go to Rent A Coder and hire someone almost 95% less than in a developed country such as the United Kingdom or the North American countries.

I recently got a guy who made us a beautiful work area for only US $ 50. If I were to say my client was static, he would be underestimated. Though many other sites are involved, Rent A Coder is pretty much on the cake. They really know what they are doing and can not offer enough.

Now if you have no business, but you can actually get some time, trust me, you can do it yourself. Here is something that is called CMS or Content Management System. The content management system is basically a web site in a box. You do not need programming or programming skills and you can leave the bat immediately, with very basic internet knowledge.

I only recommend two CMS systems to test you. WordPress and CMS Made Simple. WordPress is the most flexible and comes with so many things that you can download for free. The topic is basically the appearance of your site, and you can choose from thousands. Many people think it's great for blogs, but not the actual websites.

The most recent website I've been planning for was a spokesperson and I have to tell you when I learned how to create custom templates for each page, I was in a different world. However, if you do not look so big, you get CMS Made Simple. You can change the look by using cascade style sheets and your own. Otherwise, CMS Made Simple has recognized three of the most useful CMSs this year.

So, as you can see, it's easier to design a website, you think no encoders are needed. I mentioned that the CMS systems I mentioned can be downloaded 100%!


The design of the website has never been easier than it is today. Encoders have no special knowledge. If you can type it, you must be able to create a fully functional website.

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