How to properly care for the interior of the vehicle

One of the greatest disadvantages of the car is inside the human body oil. Research has shown that body oils on the surface of the inner oil can cause life-long damage to the car through the release of body oil. Someone who enters your vehicle under less weary, warmer weather conditions may cause serious damage to the interior of your car, truck, or van. The perspiration pH is very acidic and may damage the inner surface coatings of the vehicle, including leather steering wheel covers, shift levers, door panels and armrests.

Best results for vinyl cleaning and the thermal welding method for vinyl interior work. This is a unique vinyl fusion process that redefines or re-textures the repaired area. This process is so effective that it creates virtually invisible results

In order to achieve the desired heat welding method, during internal work, you must first master the color matching technique. Learn about this process with color matching guides and training videos. As far as details are concerned, this ability must be considered valuable.

Most of the patches are removed from the details of the car. Almost every car owner deals with patches at a certain point, whether it's kids on the carpet, pet spots, or their own negligence.

The common, problematic spots on the interior, carpet and seats include oil, fat, butter, vegetable oil, margarine, cosmetics and blood.

Always use neutral soap or neutral product with a pH of 7. The best choice of cleaning solutions for this type of stain is solvent and should therefore be used with caution.

Let's start cleaning the stains by scraping all the excesses and then reducing the stain to the smallest possible area. Try this for a plastic razor blade. They work well. Then carefully place the solvent cleaner on the patch without rippling and begin. If this process does not have discoloration, you should clear it now carefully.

Too full, use a foam upholstery cleaner and wipe it off. Finely warm with water on a cloth and your spot cleans. Then use a dry wash or a hand dryer for the area dry if there is carpet or upholstery, just leave the night and that will be ok.

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