How to remove polished Polish and wax residues from plastic and cutting

Often, plastics and ornaments are contaminated with polished or waxed waxes coated with the surrounding dyes if they are not protected. This residue enters the grain and leaves it dry, leaving ugly white marks on the entire equipment, which can be uncomfortable to remove and wipe off the general appearance of a freshly polished and waxed vehicle.

Ideally, it is best to prevent dirt from occurring first by applying a suitable masking tape or by applying and operating polishing and wax products.

Pollution can be removed with little effort and with the right products. The most effective product used to remove residues is diluted, all-purpose detergent. You can use the designated plastic / upholstery cleaning product, but struggling to completely remove the residue while a general cleaner can efficiently cut the residue into any Polish or wax product.

Working in a cool, shaded area, the affected area must first be pre-treated with the detergent and the left hand towel to properly soak and soften the residue. Then use a rigid, rubbing or nail brush to move the area, this is very important because the bristle brush helps to effectively lift the residue off the grain of the cut and simply wipe the cleaner with a towel.

After proper mixing, the area is wiped with a wet microfiber towel to remove residual residue. Depending on the severity of the contamination, you may have to repeat the process to completely remove the stubborn remnants.

After cleaning, the area should be washed and then treated with appropriate plastic / trim products. This will restore the area that looks new and helps protect you from weather and any other possible future contamination. The dress should be applied through a sponge or microfiber cushion and evenly distributed over the surface, ensuring that all areas are treated. The area should then be wetted with a clean, dry microfibre towel to remove unnecessary products and provide a uniform, natural look.

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