How to transport your car overseas

If you ship overseas from the UK, whether in Australia or in Spain, most car transport companies will give you the option to transport your car, there are probably two main options to choose from: Roll on / Roll off (RoRo) or container shipping. While the two options are comparatively the same as when transporting a car from A to B, they are in fact quite different and understand which choice to choose from, the coil is very large for the price you pay. car.

Rolling / rolling shipping ships are specially designed for passenger cars and trucks and are usually the most important choice for most buyers and car manufacturers when transporting vehicles worldwide.

Due to the sheer size of modern RoRo ships, they are able to set up a 6000 passenger car and coincide with how easy it is to load the car, as only cars will introduce the ramp to the ships and after parking and securing the rest of the journey, they are very similar to a floating parking lot. The speed at which the vessel can be loaded and the amount of vehicles it considers generally facilitates RoRo shipping when deciding on shipping overseas, one of the greatest deterioration of RoRo shipping is that it does not always carry a car in the car when it is delivered , this is due to the fact that the shipping company is not assured that its personal belongings will be transported only by the vehicle and that the vehicle must be opened for the entire journey. make sure that if something is wrong, the shipping company will be able to relocate the vehicle if needed.

Container transport may allow it to provide a better solution if it does not meet RoRo shipping in accordance with certain transport requirements, which can be one of several reasons, for example, the type of transport does not meet RoRo delivery or the intended destination does not allowing RoRo services to be stipulated at the port.

Standard containers are available in two sizes between 20 and 39 hours. length. Even though you can easily transport a car or a 4×4 to a container 20, you can get enough space for a 40- to transport two medium-sized vehicles, so in RoRo this circumstance can be more cost-effective. In addition to being able to transport more vehicles within the containers of the right size, you can also carry personal items within the transported vehicles as it will save the additional charges again.

So when deciding that you want to transport the vehicle, you have to look at what you're going to deliver and whether you want to bring personal items to your car, because the average Joe will ship their vehicles overseas to ship their ships with RoRo , so it's easier to navigate, but someone who can transport more cars or deliver personal shipments with the vehicle you want because it is delivered in bulk.

To find out more about how to move from overseas vehicles, you can go to and you will be able to find the majority of the information you need.

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