How to wash a sports car?

So you want the sport car to look as elegant and bright as you can without spending money on car washing. You can do it yourself. This is even better, since you know how to handle your car neatly.

The cleaning process is actually just a breeze. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Use the hose and wash all parts of the car. Make sure the windows and doors are locked to prevent the inside. Just direct the hose to the top of the car and the water kicks.

2nd Step 2: Get good car soap or detergent from your store. Make a bucket of water and pour the right amount of soap. Release the soap until there is more foam.

3rd Step: Start cleaning the top of the car. If you can not reach it, use the small stool to reach the top area. Some of the soap slips on its side so it's better to start in this area. Use large sponge or gloves and dip in the foamy water. Move the upper part circularly. Then you can continue on the car edge and then on the windscreen. Carefully use the wipers to provide better access. The windscreen wiper can also be switched on to clean the lower part of the windshield.

4th Step: Wipe the front and back of the car. Those wheels that can be removed or wiped off can remove dirt and sludge. Wipe the car over the wheels as this is often the worst.

5th Rinse the car. Begin the top area again and go down, to the edge of the track, to the windscreen, to the side mirrors, to the bumper and to the back of the car.

6th Step 10: Get a clean towel and dry the car after washing. You can also use a polishing machine or a special type of polisher for the wheels. This helps to keep the car's outside light.

7th Step Do not forget to clean the inside of the car. Get a clean towel and clean the inside of the windshield. Remove the mess from the car and insert the refreshment if you like. Now your car looks new again.

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