Hybrid Car Converter – Learn about Hybrid Car Converter

You do not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on purchasing a hybrid. Instead, you can convert the current car as a hybrid.

Nearly a hundred years ago, Nicola Tesla discovered that water could be used as a fuel. For economic and political reasons, his discovery has never been revealed to the public. Nowadays, water-fed technology has been simplified to such an extent that every driver in the world can profit.

A simple technology (a small container) that can convert water to a gas can be installed almost anywhere and the parts will only spend a few dollars, but maybe everybody needs everything in the house.

But how can water produce energy?

When water molecules are separated into 2 parts of hydrogen and 1 part of oxygen through the electrolysis process, a new gas is generated. This gas is called Browns gas or HHO gas (Oxyhydrogen) and is much more efficient and safer than gasoline.

Electrolysis can be generated by using the car's battery power. Then the HHO gas is introduced through the vacuum of the motors into the intake manifold air stream. Then mixed with the gasoline to ensure better fuel efficiency.

Only small configurations can be set on your car's engine to run a Browns car. By using this system you will be able to mix the car with hydrogen (water) and gasoline.

This system can work on both diesel and gas engines, and conversion can be very simple by following step-by-step instructions. It's no different if you have a car, truck or SUV, Brown's gas technology works on all kinds of vehicles. It's very easy to build a hybrid converter and take a few minutes to install.

The government will actually pay you for green technology. Burning fuel not only mirrors gas mileage but helps save the planet and pay you, it's a win-win for you and the environment.

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