Hybrid Car History – Historical Highlights

Hybrid cars history dates back more than a hundred years ago – well before Honda Insight hit the market in 1999 in the US market.

What we call today "alternative" power was in the early stages of cars. Let's Make a Good Trip to Hybrid Cars' Highlights

In 1898, a young German engineer, Ferdinand Porsche, combined a gas engine in combination with an electric motor designed the first hybrid car.

But at the beginning of the 20th century, steam locomotives were angry. They were the fastest on the road, reaching the 1977 speed with the 1907 annual car speed.

Electric cars were also popular. She was clean, quiet, but very slow, and she was only thinking of women cars to care.

The least popular were gas cars, which are noisy, dirty and tens of shaking, ringing and ringing. Henry Ford introduced the T model in 1908, but the truck did not stop Stanley Steamer's world record until 1927.

Yet, Henry Ford revolutionized the car industry. Ford's breakthrough line was able to reach what no other car manufacturer did – massively producing cars at a price that the average person could afford. Gasoline-powered cars have dominated car production for a hundred years. [19] In 1913, with the introduction of the starter gas engine, nearly 183,000 Ts Ford models drove off the assembly line, as opposed to just 6,000 electric cars [19659002] Ford Motors and gas cars are now king. Over the next fifty years, alternative energy sources such as a hybrid car were just a hobby for amateur backyard bars or a small, unsuccessful business of some entrepreneurs.

But in the sixties, environmental protection is the rising number of people rallying cries. Eliminating air pollution was paramount and gas-powered cars were the main targets.

In 1966, the Congress introduced the first bill that recommended electric cars to reduce pollution. However, the 1973 Arab oil embargo did not increase gasoline prices, but the hybrid car had renewed its interest rate.

But history has passed 24 years before the hybrid cars were in enough production to sell it to the general public. In 1997, Toyota Prius introduced itself to Japan and Audi's Duo in Europe. The Duo soon dropped, while European carmakers focused on developing a better diesel engine.

The Toyota Prius was a commercial success, however. In the USA in 2000, Prius has been awarded a number of awards, including the name of Motor Trends Magazine's 2004 vintage. 2004 Prius customers had to wait six months. The President of the United States of America, Toyota, Jim Press called "the hottest car he ever had".

Hybrid cars are now an important segment of the automotive industry and seem to be getting stronger. Toyota and Honda, the first hybrids on the market, are now competing with Suzuki, Ford, Chevy, GMC, Mercury and Lexus on the drawing board.

It seems hybrid car history is just starting.

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