Hybrid Car Presentation

Do you think that the history of the hybrid car dates back to the 18th century when France had a steam engine with only 6 km / h. Then in the XIX. In the century, he produced an English electric motor, and Vermont with a fork-powered motorcycle.

The 1800s were completed by manufacturing hundreds of electric cars and manufactured a first-wheel electric car called a German Porsche, later a hybrid that uses an internal combustion engine with an electric motor. This is probably the first hybrid car on the record. This was the trend until Henry Ford had set up the first factory lines.

Surprisingly, the US Congress began billing in the 1960s that electric vehicles contributed to curbing air pollution, and this renewed interest in the electric car. The complexity of gas prices and early electric cars led the industry upside down and down, but in 1997 it released Japan's first mass hybrid. That was the Toyota Prius, which did not do the United States until 2000. The rest are history.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

Today we can not ignore the fact that our car emissions have actually killed our planet. Even better hybrid cars are still wondering why many people are still struggling on their backs, trying to measure the benefits of disadvantages. Here are some, just a few, the hybrid car's advantage.

first Hybrid car is an economical plan and easy to save money. The hybrid car can save up to 30 miles because of the combination of a cleaner electric motor running on a long-term petrol engine. The petrol engine stops automatically when the car stops, helping to reduce fuel consumption. After you move on to the accelerator, the gas engine turns on and drives the vehicle.

2nd Environmental hybrids emit less toxic emissions compared to conventional cars. This will make the car more environmentally friendly. There are people who still think global warming is a scam and not something people have created. Well, that's real, and even though most of our adults will not be long enough to actually see the damage we've done, our children. Help save the planet to have a land to enjoy it. Toyota Prius reduces exhaust emissions by 50% compared to conventional cars.

3rd In 2005, President Bush signed a huge tax concession on tax credits for hybrid cars. The tax advantage depends on two factors: from the fuel economy point of view, the comparison of a hybrid car with conventional cars of the same weight class in 2002 and the amount of hybrid cars can save its lifetime compared to the conventional car.

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