Hybrid car prices – comparison of different models

Retail Hybrid Car Prices Manufacturers recommend (called MSRP) to be determined by automobile manufacturers and informing car dealers that the default values ​​are in handling sales. Traders who make fleet sales to companies Buyers have the billing price or the amount paid by traders to car makers that they use to make wholesale purchases by traders.

While these two guidelines serve as guides for the car buyer, prices may rise due to the additional costs associated with non-standard features or add-ons. There are also charges that have to move the vehicles to the final destination of the buyer. After that, sales taxes, marketing costs, registration fees, and other costs can be added to the MSRP or billing price. At the bottom of the article, the Toyota Prius is at the best retail price of $ 22,175, except for tax incentives and environmentally friendly units associated with hybrid purchases. The top quality will be the 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid four-wheel drive sedan sedan at $ 31,000. Both prices do not include delivery or destination price. The Toyota Camry Hybrid between Prius and Accord rises to around $ 26,000. Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid launches $ 22,695, which many hybrid enthusiasts are highly recommended. The Honda Hybrid FWD sedan sedan costs $ 22,600, excluding the target cost.

For the SUVs, Mercury Mariner 2008 Hybrid's four-wheel drive SUV starts at $ 27,515, followed by Ford Escape Hybrid 4FD SUV $ 27,250. The 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid packed with a full range of tools to meet the needs of $ 32,500.


The brand name is included in the package. With prestigious car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Saturn, Mercury, Volkswagen, Mercedes, the name is a premium. Despite the brand name, the full range of features and accessories not included in the standard units also affects the final price of the purchased hybrid car.

Hybrid cars prices are definitely higher than in conventional models. This is because the manufacturer needs more resources to produce added value added hybrids – all of which are added to the costs. However, they imagined that the fuel savings of hybrids will compensate for more than the usual higher purchase price compared to pure fossil fuel models.

To give an idea, take the Honda Accord as an example. While the pre-packaged 4-door Accord Sedan can add up to $ 19,450, the Hybrid Accord price is almost twice as high as $ 31,000. Although Accord's special edition sedans and coupons rise from $ 23,350 to $ 23,450, these prices are still far from hybrid prices. Only the EX-L 4-wheel drive 2-door Accord Coupe stands for nearly $ 27,500.

The price differences between Civic models are somewhat more manageable and sold. Take a 4-door Civic EX, which adds a hybrid system of $ 19,510 and $ 22,500 less. But the price difference, at least not so much.

Eco Friendly at Affordable Prices

Even with Toyota models, fuel efficiency and environmentally-friendly and zero-emission labels are above all. The Camry Hybrid starts at $ 25,200 when the average sister's price is only $ 18,570. Even with federal tax cuts for hybrid vehicles, MSRP is still a bit higher.

Such research and development, not to mention intensive testing of hybrid or alternative fuel models, is not surprising that the price of hybrid cars is more expensive. And manufacturers do not stop hybrid or fuel efficiency features; hybrids try to pack the interior, instrument panel and instrument, and everything with state of the art electronics.

Despite standard or optional comfort, environmentalists always say that the price of a hybrid car is worth every penny car buyer just to secure a better, cleaner, safer world tomorrow. That's what hybrid manufacturers say about environmental drumbeaters.

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