Hybrid car prices? Goes up!

Here's a terrible idea: Toyota Prius, the famous hybrid car for the industry's leading fuel economy when it comes to knowing that the car's price has recently risen to $ 650. Of course, car prices are rising steadily, but when you realize that your car's $ 22,000 now, you're starting to wonder if your investment is worth it.

Like all automotive manufacturers, raw material costs, including steel, have to be cut off and these growths need to be made to drive more cars to cars. However, this news can also consider its potential, including the hybrid hybrid, for consumers, for an economical gas model such as Toyota Yaris, a 35-meter commuter car, and sells $ 10,000 less than the Prius.

The hybrid car is always more valuable than a gas model, especially a car that returns at least 45 mpg on the freeway, with 9 mpg over Yaris (14 mpg combined city / freeway). But as consumers can quickly see, the cost difference between the two Toyota models can take years, even if the gas can be recovered up to $ 4 / gallon.

Let's take a look at the Prius and Yaris Comparison Charts what savings will be made for seven years driving or 100,000 miles:

  • Gas: $ 4.00
  • Fuel Economy: 47 mpg Combined
  • Used Gallons: 2127 [19659006] Cost: $ 8511

Toyota Yaris

  • Gas: $ 4.00
  • Fuel used: 3030
  • Cost: $ 12120
  • Fuel economy: 33 mpg combined


In the seven-year time frame, you save $ 3609 in fuel, but still $ 6400 less than what you paid for Prius. Of course, when you compare the Prius purchase by getting rid of the 20 mpg combined city / freeway 4WD Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, it would exactly quit when the end of the seven years. There are two very different vehicles that can be added, a radical lifestyle change that needs to be ready.

I do not mean to avoid Prius or other hybrid and federal purchases and state tax credits. buying more affordable. What I say is that if the high gas price is panic and thinking that the hybrid model is always the answer, then it can be wrong. Unless of course you do not plan to invest your car in the long-term fuel-saving effort for many years.

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