Hybrid cars

Usually, the term "hybrid" is of mixed origin, consisting of two types of products. Hybrids are technological developments inspired by human creativity and curiosity, a proof that necessity is indeed the mother of the invention. [18] In the year 1899, the man first visited the Ferdinand Porsche designed hybrid car. The hybrid car is powered by both a petrol engine and an electric motor. Hybrid cars were not as popular as they were in the past. Famous car makers, such as Toyota and Honda, have a number of innovative and fashionable models for hybrid cars.

Like any other vehicle, the hybrid car consists of a gas engine, fuel tank, batteries and transmission. The biggest difference is that the engine is smaller and has an electric motor that works with the gas engine.

The hybrid car is seen as a long-awaited response to our concerns about steady rise in fuel prices and rampant air pollution. Due to the lack of oil resources and the growing demand for fuel, some people worry that there will be times when there will be no more oil. In addition, the amount of devastating air pollutants, as the largest pollutant on the ground due to the car engine, became very worrying. These factors have led more people to look for alternative sources of energy. Of these, hybrid cars have evolved.

The hybrid car saves money on fuel costs and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by not only fueling gas but also electricity. The hybrid car also has a self-loading capacity, so you do not have to plug in the socket. Therefore, the smaller amount of fuel, the less the cost, the less pollution.

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