Hybrid cars

After a few decades, you may not have to wait at the gas station.

Hybrid cars combining internal combustion engines with a rechargeable energy system are increasingly visible on the highway. More energy-efficient and more environmentally-friendly, they believed to have been blamed for fossil fuel consumption and global warming.

The first version of the hybrid car was back in 1901 when Ferdinand Porshe, a French automotive developer, created the "Mixte", which ran a gasoline-powered electric generator. Mixte won a number of sports events and even broke the Austrian ground speed record. Porsche later developed the original Volkswagen Beetle model while his son, the Ferry Porsche, helped to create world-famous Porsche sports cars.

Modern hybrid car is rooted in the 1970s when Victor Wouk, Hybrid's grandfather, developed a prototype hybrid car Buick Skylark. This was maintained by the Environment Agency under controversial circumstances. Wouk continued to support hybrid technology and held many things and lectures on the topic in 2005 until his death.

In 1978, David Arthurs engineer developed what is the foundation of modern hybrid technology, the regenerative breakthrough system. This system allows hybrid cars to convert some of their kinetic energy (energy of movement) into electricity that was then stored. In this way, the hybrid car can save power and use energy more efficiently.

Hybrid cars made the next great breakthrough in 1989 when Audi introduced the first version of the Audi Duo, which was a version of an electric car already manufactured. In 1993, US President Bill Clinton launched a new program with major automotive manufacturers, including Ford and General Motors, to create more environmentally friendly cars and encourage new types of engines.

In the 1990s, the hybrid car started to really pick up with the introduction of Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. Prius soon became the most popular hybrid car that offers up to 40 percent more fuel efficiency than combustion-based models. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which once shot Buick Skylark, this is the most fuel-efficient car in the United States.

Priust was developed in 1994 and was first sold in December 1997. According to the EPA, 46 miles per gallon of gas.

Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular, with a 100,000-pound increase in 2007 in a year when general light commercial vehicles declined. In 2007, some 350,000 hybrid cars were sold, which was the biggest year. Many American manufacturers such as General Motors, who wish to introduce more models of hybrid cars in the coming years, it is clear that while hybrid cars have long been popular for popularity, their true story is just beginning. The future is here … and a hybrid.

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