Hybrid Cars – a Long Term Solution?

2 years ago I bought a Toyota Camry Hybrid and felt that I was working to help my environment. I let you know I'm a fag, but it was an expensive statement to make calibration data by pulling my tide. Soon after I bought the car, the gas was $ 4.00 per gallon and I really felt that I was correct when I looked at others, burning very expensive gas while waiting for junctions while the hybrid was not burning gas while I was through a red light.

Recently, other automakers have brought their hybrids to the market, their big fanfare and green products, and how they help them (all manufacturers) on the planet. Consumer Reports, Car and Drivers' powerful reviews have helped Ford's Escape, Honda Insight and new hybrid fuel (I'm sorry, poorly) for the 2009-2010 model year. Environmental damage is caused to the hybrid battery life, the hybrid battery expiration and the precious metal mining required to produce hybrid batteries. All this was enough to look at the validity of hybrid cars even as the most committed wood users, such as reducing oil imports and reducing pollutants placed in the atmosphere by gasoline engines. As with almost every debate on energy use and environmental issues, there is no clear cut of answers to all the questions.

One of the key benefits of hybrid technology is that cars can land at low speeds or without a gas engine, so no pollutants can be generated in the air. While higher mileage is a good financial advantage (hybrids usually get 10 to 15% higher MPG than their gas engine models), this is secondary (from an environmental point of view) to a reduced emission level. After all, there is no advantage for anyone to have automatic emissions, so every drop is extra. This advantage is lost in all the lifespan of the batteries and all the reasons for disposal. While these are important issues, you can deal with proper recycling of batteries. Lower emissions are beneficial to anyone who breathes.

No one can solve many of the problems of oil import and consumption or global warming. Hybrid cars, though not the cures, offer valuable opportunities to alleviate environmental pollution problems and global problems arising from the import of oil.

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