Hybrid cars are energy-efficient

If you're a car fan, you'll be interested to find out how a hybrid car works. They are the most viable solution so far solved by the problem of high fuel prices. Basically there are two resources. One is an internal combustion engine that burns gas to drive the vehicle. The other is a battery capable of storing electricity to run an electric motor capable of driving a vehicle.

The biggest advantage of hybrid cars is that they are able to generate energy with kinetic energy which is otherwise wasted during the brakes and when the vehicle moves down. Although a normal vehicle fuel burns to interrupt, hybrids absorb energy and are stored in their batteries to be used when the vehicle needs power. That's why the hybrid car can provide much better mileage per car than conventional cars.

There are two hybrid car types. One is the so-called parallel hybrid, the other is the hybrid of the series. In the parallel hybrid car, both the engine and the battery engine are connected to the gearbox. When the vehicle moves, both the petrol engine and the electric motor provide power. Because of this, most hybrids use smaller engines to keep them low. These do not require special starter motors that the electric motor can do. For series hybrids, the motors are connected to the generators and the generators can either drive the vehicle to move or charge the batteries.

The hybrid car employs a number of strategies to save energy in order to cleaner emissions and lower fuel consumption. If the car is stopped at a traffic sign, you do not have to run the engine. That's why the engine stops and only the electric motor runs. Lightweight engines are also used to reduce weight. Aero Dynamic Design is another way to save fuel. This minimizes air resistance.

Each hybrid car is made of robust but lightweight materials. This reduces the total weight of the vehicle. Normally plastic, aluminum and carbon fibers are used. Almost every hybrid car uses gasoline engines, but there are diesel hybrids that are in the experimental phase. It can be even better in fuel consumption.

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