Hybrid cars are stylish

Hybrid cars take the world in storm – figuratively, literally. And here are just two of the latest hybrid cars that are eager for car enthusiasts and buyers.

If you want an environmentally-friendly hybrid car that not only dreams but also your self-consciousness, you need to see the PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG. This beautiful little hybrid car works with biogas, which is indispensable in today's global warming.

It can be forgiven if you think that hybrid cars are finally looking. This is not just the PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG. Considering the rounded edges of the car and slim design, you can see one of the best sports cars in the world. With the soft top for the trunk, you can make sure the next luxury car hybrid.

PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG has been developed by BRA GmbH. This company has been leading the development of hybrid cars for over ten years now. They are based in Germany and have not only developed environmentally friendly hybrid cars, but also cars that have excellent styling and design.

The car should not be issued until March 2008, but you can be sure it will be completely amazed. The car costs only 48,000 euros, so it's not only environmentally friendly but also friendly in its pocket.

The Cadillac Provoq Concept

America has realized that degassing, environmentally damaging vehicles will not soon save the world. The eco-driving and styling purchased by hybrid cars finally found the way to America and managed to do it wonderfully. Not that we expect less of course.

As the flagship of hybrid cars, the Cadillac Provoq concept car has two main points. One side shows clearly the Cadillac's renowned style, class and beauty. In addition, it also likes hybrid automotive technology, which in fact means the secure plug of the car.

The Cadillac Provoq concept car was invited to luxury car owners; oozes the class and style and is sure to stand up your own right for other luxury cars. If the luxury of the hybrid automobile technology you are looking for, you will not have to look any further.

The Cadillac Provoq concept has a hybrid car with wheels powered by a 94 hp engine, which is naturally electric. The rear wheels of the car have a 54 hp engine. These features increase Provoq's performance for all small amounts of gas, saving the planet and pocket for hundreds of dollars on fuel. This would be very proud for Cadillac Provoq owners.

The PGO Cevennes Turbo-CNG and the Cadillac Provoq concept fits perfectly into any city or city with their sporty look and elegant design, simply headers.

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