Hybrid cars can be hired – Ten car rental companies with hybrid rental

With the threat of global warming and other environmental concerns, many travelers began to shift hybrid vehicles at the forefront of American thinking as they were selected for leased traffic during business and personal travel. Airport hybrid rental companies are happy to meet your needs. While fuel-efficient hybrid cars are popular, they are still expensive on their own. On the other hand, hybrid car hire is becoming more and more popular in recent years, which keeps many charter companies trying to hire more hybrid cars to fleets to meet demand, especially at airport locations.

renting a hybrid car rental airport on a business trip or trying before you buy thousands of dollars, here is the list of ten hybrid car rental companies in no particular order.

  1. Enterprise – One of the most important leaders in the Green Movement, Enterprise has acquired more than 7,000 hybrid vehicles nationwide. The price of new hybrid cars is just above their other vehicles and they have a large selection. The company's website makes it easy for travelers to rent hybrid cars at airports.
  2. Hertz – One of the best known car rental companies in the nation, Hertz later joined the hybrid movement – the tenth of the vehicles. In most major airports, Hertz is an excellent choice for travelers
  3. Toyota Rent A Car – It is not common knowledge that Toyota dealers lease their cars, including many well-known Toyota hybrid models. Go to your website at toyota.com/rental/ and then enter your postal code to find the nearest Toyota dealers.
  4. Midway Car Rental – Founded in the early 1970s, Midway is the largest privately owned car rental company in Los Angeles. With more than 1,500 vehicles in the fleet and offices in the Los Angeles and Hollywood districts, you hire Midway with hybrid cars and other fuel-efficient vehicles.
  5. Alamo – Owns the same company, Rent-a-Car offers a variety of hybrid car rental models in the United States. Their offerings may be low, but the popularity of hybrids continues to grow, including their supply. [19645004] – Hertz, Avis is a large organization that often operates near airports. Unlike their competitors, Avis, however, continues to offer hybrid car rentals in some US cities. Still, for those who fly to a big city, there is a good chance that Avis has a hybrid Prius or Escape.
  6. Fox Rent-a-Car offers both the free mileage and the low price to attract customers from larger companies. Recently, the hybrid car rental market has also been raised with the Toyota Prius, which has been offered in several places.
  7. National – National car rental offers a mid-range hybrid at reasonable prices in national regions. And if they can not offer environmentally friendly vehicles, they will offer a charitable contribution to help the matter.
  8. Thrifty – Another less well-known rental agency, Thrifty, is a company whose marketing strategy offers consumers lower prices. As such, when San Francisco Airport offers a $ 15 discount to anyone who hires hybrids, Thrifty has quickly joined many other companies in offering vehicles. However, except for Bay Area, bids remain narrow.
  9. FindExotic.com – FindExotic.com is not a rental company alone, FindExotic.com is well suited for obtaining hybrid rental rates in many areas and such a good source, deserves the site on the list.

It's just ten of the many rental offices that are quickly becoming hybrid rent-a-car. And although the total amount of these vehicles represents about 10 to 15 percent of all cars offered, there is no doubt that they continue to be popular.

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