Hybrid cars – cars of the ages!

Hybrid cars are merging technologies. Unlike conventional cars, in a single propulsion system, hybrid cars are driven by a multi-drive system. Among these hybrid vehicles, the most widespread is the vehicle that uses gasoline and electricity as sources of power. Serious experiments are carried out with ethanol or vegetable based oils.


The history of hybrid cars goes back to the time when the inventors struggled heavily to switch from steam engines to electric cars. At best, we could call them rehearsals, and we could only use one, two or some models. The mass scale occurred at the beginning of the twentieth century; However, until 1999 (at the 21st century), the hybrid car in America was commercially purchased and used by the crowd.


The hybrid car drive mechanism includes batteries, electric motors, fuel tanks, gasoline engines, generators and transmission modes. Everything has its final role and runs a hybrid car.

How do they work?

As mentioned above, dual mechanisms applied to such hybrid vehicles use both petrol and electric power to move the vehicles – while gas runs on internal combustion engines (ICEs), electric motors. The latest car models even convert the kinetic energy produced by the engine into electric energy to charge the batteries.


Hybrid cars are relatively small petrol engines that contribute to a pollution-free, more environmentally friendly environment. In fact, slim, aerodynamic design and ultra lightweight materials combine their hands to drive these vehicles with a driving force of about 60-90 horsepower, you can be assured that hybrid cars will dominate the automotive industry by means of new, environmentally-friendly, powerful cars.

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