Hybrid Cars – Ecological Automotive Breakthrough

Hybrid cars are cars that deal with cutting-edge technologies that many people dealt with in the automotive industry. The so-called hybrids are because these cars use two types of energy: gasoline and electricity. The car has to meet several requirements. First, the mileage must be at least 300 miles or 482 km before the energy is loaded, so it does not bother the driver. Secondly, refueling can be done easily and quickly. Third, the car must be as fast as other vehicles on the road to prevent traffic.

Currently used gasoline engines meet all of these requirements but produce unnecessary pollution. While the electric powered car does not suffer from any dirt, it can only travel at a distance of up to 50 km for each charge. Moreover, the refilling process is very slow and not easy. But the hybrid car combines both advantages.

The world has long dreamed about environmentally friendly cars. A car with free carbon dioxide emissions will not exacerbate global warming. Then this dream became urgent because the fuel price was in the sky. Cars powered by hydrogen or alcohol are still in need of development; hybrids are the most widespread because they do not require new infrastructure.

Hybrid technology reduces the petrol engine engine. The energy needed to run the car is also in the electric motor that is in it. Hybrid cars are also designed to work with minimal energy. Smaller car engines will automatically lighten the total weight of the car. This means that the car requires less energy during running. The body of the car is also designed with aerodynamic models that can reduce air friction. This reduces the use of fuel.

With many advanced technologies it's no wonder the cost of hybrid cars is a bit expensive. At first you have to spend more money to buy a hybrid car, but you can save more money. If you can not afford to buy this modern technology, there are ways to save fuel even for a conventional car. For example, it is a slower driving, because if you accelerate the car's pace, the air friction in the car increases rapidly. This makes the car so profitable with gasoline.

Constant speed is more fuel-efficient, why? Because every time you speed up the car's pace, it uses more power, even if you reduce speed, it uses more power. Repeatly change the speed; the energy used is twice as wasting as if it is at constant speed.

Another important thing is not to stop abruptly. When the car suddenly stops, the brakes are working hard to immediately absorb the car's speed and turn it into heat and then throw it away. This means you spend unnecessary energy. A hybrid car can reduce air pollution and save energy now. It depends on your willingness and attitude every day.

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