Hybrid cars; Japanese carmakers visit North American Head Quarters

Japanese carmakers with the North-American Head Quarters are pushing forward the ball and urging new technologies for security, fuel consumption and net-centered systems for the future. Before I retired from the auto aftermarket franchise industry, I went around the nation to see what I built and visit our franchisees. During this tour, as part of the 2002 Victory Tour, I visited all major Japanese carmakers North American Head Quarters.

Japanese car manufacturers have made great strides in the 2001-2002 Zero / Zero financing strategies for domestic manufacturers 9-11. In 2002 Toyota achieved incredible market share against Ford, GM and DaimlerChrysler. Toyota has offered a new SUV option for an old and popular model. The 4-Runner now has an All-Wheel Drive version for security and performance. We've got the opportunity to get to the North American Company's Toyota Dealership, to introduce this new vehicle to many commercial vehicle owners. Hybrid cars and trucks also appeared on the display, which were soon ready for sale. Today, many models are sold in 2005 and 2006. Toyota's profit also accelerated against the dollar's 2001 value. The yen was always low, which meant they could be far cheaper to build cars, and most of the profits for R & D projects and streets were reinvested in May 2003 when they released the 2004 models. This will be a war for all manufacturers, as the aggressive Japanese Toyota company is in charge of gold.

Mitsubishi Motors proposed a Zero / Zero / Zero plan during March, April, and May 2002. Zero interest, zero advance and zero pay until 2003 for all Monteros, Gallant, Montegos and Eclipse. No one knew what the sales rate would be for sales starting in March 2003, as the 90-day delayed loans would not be paid from the Mitsubishi Acceptance Corporation. In the aftermath, the short-term strategy worked, but the extent of the defeat was indeed disastrous. Ford Motor Credit also had problems with unsuccessful car loans in major Ford Motor Accompanying Companies. My company worked in the Car Wash Guys Dealership Division in the car wash business, which has received many Mitsubishi dealerships across the nation and now it would not be a good bet because the 2003 models were very good and the prices were very good compared to the domestic with the increased prices of cars due to the import steel tax and the lack of bad credit. There are even more situations where domestic carmakers realize that the new 2003 boom may rise above 8% and therefore raise the compensation by 10%.

In 2000, 2001 and 2002, Nissan performed well, although it had only moderate ground against other manufacturers and most of them were on the light commercial vehicle market. Infinity did not meet expectations in 2001-2002, although AutoNation, United Auto, Auto1, Sonic Automotive, and others in the car manufacturing industry were more protected by malicious abuse because they were diversified with Hyundai's brands. GM. It was a bad year for some manufacturers like Daewoo, while the other brands went well. In 2001, it delivered nearly 17 million cars to the Americans and said they rescued our economy because sales figures were in the retail sales categories, which shows consumption expenditure as most retailers had a nasty Christmas in 2001. Nissan was able to catch the consumer with pizzazz flashing light trucks. Excellent marketing, if you ask us about car wash guys, of course, knowing that it is pure brilliance.

At the beginning of 2001, Mazda went well in the early 9-11 years thanks to the price tag of gasoline, with its many fuel consumption models. But 9-11 did not succeed when the inmates were taken from hell out of Zero / Zero and retained many withholding revenue. In 2002, GMAC braved Mazda's sales at the gate and Mazda sought 2004 models for 2004 to help catch up in the middle. Mazda was also hurt by rents and its domestic partner and the larger shareholder now placed at the back seat. Mazda Miata was well sold between 1999 and 2002, but it was not enough to wear the entire company. During the re-identification of the recently refurbished brand, the ship was missing at the beginning of 2002, while Chrysler and Ford met GM Zero / Zero and the horse was first launched after the Buy-American 9-11 career and the rest was history. Between mid-2003 and until the end of 2003 Mazda and our home partners are looking for excellent returns on market positions while ZERO / ZERO has slowed down. GM has ceased the competition in these years, and comes to GMAC's home division and the beginning of new homes, if the real estate bubble is always a walk, these other companies will see things. It's a good call, since in the spring of 2005 we are already home-appreciating home sales and it is enough to hold the summer. Of course, if interest rates rise and inflation is happening, GM is playing perfectly and inflation is moving forward, and so the FED is raising interest rates even if money flows out of the country's competition from past inflows. All this is based on the Iraq war, in 2005 there were 187 billion in reconstruction in Afghanistan and Iraq and we need cash flow. North Korea games and Iranian nuclear material, as well as consumers from all short-term debt and unemployment-related realities in mid-2003. It's still in the air in 2005.

Honda has been successful in both car manufacturing in 1999-2002 when metropolitan streets and highways are being filled up to the upcoming reef. People who know the reliability of Honda and who were dissatisfied at the end of the 80s would not buy an American car if they were to pay. They are very loyal to Honda. From the beginning, I met the Honda Brothers in business when they came to the US to buy the long-term Cessna 150 and was still very aggressive with the latest and greatest technology. At the time when I sold airplanes, Honda proved to be a long-distance journey. Today, in the five categories of hybrid cars, new prototypes are kept from both mixed units to pure hydrogen cells, from electric power to thermohydrogen, from natural gas to biofuels such as bio-mass methane and ethanol. Wonderful are the secrets that keep the compositions, finishes and drive in the house. Having spent most of the foreign manufacturers on R and D projects, Honda seems to outperform BMW, DaimlerChysler and Ford's future efforts in the latest Hydrogen Cell cars category. Meanwhile, the race will continue to sell as many cars as possible and collect as much money as possible in the near future for future bonuses from free hamburgers. All domestic staff are having difficulty in replacing foreign producers or cheaply paying for the Japanese economy's complete collapse if bad loans are implemented in the current political structure, not just in the automotive industry, but also in the areas of banks, securities and government. In 2005, foreign carmakers were fueled by environmentally friendly cars among consumers in those categories that are currently fueled by fuel prices. They can run all bad debts for auto loan disbursement rates like the economy back, and people's jobs, the unemployment rate is extremely low in the United States right now.

Likewise, in the United States, if domestic staff are forced to raise prices as consumers do not repay their loans, and re-distributors are selling 1-2 year-old cars cheaper than the over-inflated prices of the new models compared to the used car dealerships, as described in paragraphs 9-11. and some of us at that time were concerned that without the use of financing incentives it is not possible to get rid of things. and the industry finally saved our economy in robust sales. If this is a small inflation and in other financial areas such as credit cards and new homes, which have fallen by 2-10%, are undergoing mild inflation and run-offs, then one worth deserving of a new car and the auto prices on the roof to cover bad debts. A catastrophe could have been expected, fortunately the Fed worked well and the tax cut started a small business investment. One thing is for sure that there will be so many cars on the road that runs on the road for 1-2 hours a day, which means that there are many dirty cars that my company is going to wash? CarWashGuys.com

How has the 2001-2002 Auto Markets been all about?

Not everything was 9-11, it was not as good as it used to be, since it seemed to buy only 14.1-15 million cars by the end of 2001, 15.1 million cars sold, which is still disappointed the 17.1 million euro of last year. But the end of Zero-Zero in 2001 has changed and the risk of the future has increased. The real question was whether there would be an emerging middle class that expanded or contracted? If you expand and this sector has grown now that the Hispanic population, you will need to expand to continue this growth rate in the automotive industry. Can the roads be more than one car? Can our body handle pollution? Are there major consolidations in Auto Industry? What are European automotive designers like Volvo, Fiat, Jaguar, BMW, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Saab, Porsche? Will one of these be at the forefront of new technology and other companies with hydrogen cells? How many cars are in our country, who will buy them and most who pay for them? All of these questions were still in the wind and we saw a lot of cars coming from Rent-A-Car lines and selling resale items. Would two-year cars be worth 1/3 new for suspended prices to counterbalance the lending rates covered by Zero / Zero? Would inflation stand? No? There was a lot of dynamics there and we saw a lot of cards being well-placed in the game in 2001-2003 when we visited the most successful game we ever made; The Free Market, and no industry has any more than Blood Players like Auto Industry … God loves the game. God bless the players, our customers and the game. And people have been talking about car manufacturing in 2001-2003, and you can see it now because things are like cars and manufacturers moving to hybrid fuel efficiency and net-centric electronics in the 2005-2006 models. The automotive industry is a major factor in the health of our economy; Think about it.

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