Hybrid cars – no money hybrid cars? This is yours!

Hybrid cars are as safe as any other car in their class. They do the same crunch tests and get the same results.

However, they are very expensive for the general public. Most of the time there is no need for additional power from the larger engine.

Hybrid cars are driven by a mixture of a gas engine and an electric motor – this is a complex technology that manufacturers are continuously developing, although hybrids have been marketed for nearly 5 years.

Hybrid cars are particularly economical in the city, but are also suitable for rural roads. As an example, we have mentioned how they are used in many European businesses such as transport cars in the city .. usually pizza or postal deliveries.

Hybrids do not have to be wired, but the running running gear is compared to the number opposite to the gas. Hybrid cars are made with gas engines, electric motors and high performance batteries.

Hybrid cars are better than most alternative energy sources in the energy crisis. Japanese hybrid cars are driven by the excellent Toyota Priust.

All the electricity consumed finally comes from the gas engine. In the coming years, more and more hybrids will be affordable.

But the biggest concern we face is the price.

If it was available to anyone, we would use hybrid cars. Well, there is another option that gives very similar results, less than a fraction of the price.

You can change your car using a mixture of water and fuel. It doubles gas mileage, reduces toxic emissions, and does not cost more than $ 100 for installation.

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