Hybrid cars save money

If you're sitting on the fence to buy a Hybrid car, you have no excuse to be ugly. Consumer Reports only released a study in August, confirming that hybrid cars will save you money in the long run.

A combination of generous tax credits and the fuel-saving nature of such fuels is what creates a good long-term value. The difference between hybrid and conventional counterparts is often between 1200 and 7000 dollars. This is a wide gap and enough to let you know whether it's worth it.

The good news is that if you act quickly and buy a new hybrid car before the tax credits cease to exist in 2007, many such rebates will be repaid in the form of a tax credit. Meanwhile, you can enjoy long-term savings on fuel costs.

Did you know that from 2006 Hybrids in the United States account for only 1% of new cars sales? As gas prices rise, the rate is likely to change as people reduce costs because of rising fuel prices. Unfortunately, if you wait too long, you will no longer be able to take advantage of eliminating tax credits. If you want to buy a hybrid car then it's better to do it.

The Consumer Reports study ensures that you keep your hybrid car for many years long enough to notice the difference in charging costs. Of course, the more you work, on school or on vacation, the faster and the greater your savings.

If you're looking for hybrid cars, make sure to see Hybrid Cars [http://www.hybridrevolution.org] This site contains updated information about all models and models of available hybrids and will be available soon.

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