Hybrid cars – watercraft

Our world is temporarily seeking solutions that address the two biggest problems: energy conservation and environmental protection. Water-powered cars are one of the answers. And while our environment continues to suffer from poisonous pollutants under the barrel of vehicle emissions, gasoline and diesel prices are always high and continue to climb. The gas from this writing exceeds $ 4.00. Water-powered cars seem to be the best solution.

Gas prices are a topic of discussion around office water coolers – not "Who won the American idol?" But "Man, do you know what I had to pay to fill this morning?" this is astonishing the least.

Consumers are desperate – they are looking for a finger to teach greedy oil guides to teach you how to convert your car to gas instead of burning water is one of the many things people do.

We can do a lot to slow the consumption of gas on a personal level, although we can not satisfy the needs of the whole nation. One of the best things you can do to run the car on water is a simple set that you can install or install the mechanic for a small fee. You also have the opportunity to get a good tax credit at the IRS when you do it.

When you turn your car into hot water, you will never have to go through the greedy gas companies. Despair is a kick, and it is like saving gas saves are valuable to everyone. You can even modify your car with water, a simple step-by-step manual that gives you a tax credit with Sam (the government likes these modes)

Now that does not mean you can run your car JUST alone on the water, YET !!! But with a small ad-on you can dramatically increase your mileage with water. Though you think it's incredible to run the car on water, technology already exists to transform any car into a water-powered car. YES you can run your car with water, gas mixture.

Water complements petrol and diesel fuel, so it simply pulls out the energy of the water and runs the car on the water. And as fuel, water is far more effective than the usual gas that is normally placed in the car. If you have a diesel burner car or truck, there are incentives to increase fuel economy and make money in your pocket.

Easy Gas Savings Tips:

1. Do not touch fast or brake. This rapid stop and lifestyle causes gas to drop faster than you know!

2.) Do not let the machine operate idle for a long time. The more you sit down, the less MPG you will take out of your gas cassette. Turn off the engine when it's over 10 seconds & # 39; it's a good idea to leave time.

3. Slow down! The higher you go, the bigger the wind, to withstand the car, which means that more gas is needed for friction. Go below the speed limit or down (as long as this is safe) and save it on the pump.

4. Take your throne out of the trash! Heavy cargoes cause more work for the car, which means that you have to call the gas tank to get started. Remove anything you do not need, and lighter load results in pump savings. Hypermilers even raise cargo stands to save more!

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