Hybrid cars with 250 MPG fuel kilometers

Is it possible to have 250 mpg mileage for hybrid cars? Yes, the Bellevue auto visionaries & # 39; you think. Toyota Prius and Honda hybrid cars boast 40-50 mpg, and then the automaker claims to have a technology that is capable of this great mileage. What technology are used? Let's try to examine the answers to these questions.

The 20-member team in AFS Trinity Power Corp says it allows their plug-in hybrid car. In the front of the technology, flywheels are used to create and store power. Traditional cars use the petrol engine to drive the car, while hybrid cars use a petrol engine with the battery. However, the requested car will use a petrol engine, flywheel or condenser source. The resource varies between these requirements as required.

The flywheel helps the car in two ways, helping the car first during acceleration and secondly absorbing the wasted performance during braking. This helps the car to use fewer numbers and lighter batteries. This will help reduce the overall weight of the car. Flywheel or condenser effectively and quickly absorbs performance.

In the future, the gasoline engine can also be replaced with fuel-efficient hydrogen fuel cells. It is estimated that these cars will go from $ 3 to $ 7 for gas and $ 4 a day for electricity, much lower, $ 14 for hybrid cars and $ 36 for conventional cars.

As the environment declines every day and fuel is reduced even faster, these technologies can greatly stabilize the situation. Let's see whether the dreams of Bellevue car visionaries are alive. Think of a situation where, for some reason, oil imports in the Middle East will stop.

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