Hybrid or electric cars?

Hybrid and electric cars have finally become viable with the rising fuel prices and leaps and bounds in passing performance. In addition, prices are drastically ordered, which means you can get better business than ever. There are price points for cars such as Prius, which are still directly targeting the average middle class family. So now is the big decision everywhere, where it goes green, electric cars or semi-green hybrid cars.
– No use of gas (19459003) – No harmful gases emitted

Electric disadvantages:
– Discharging electricity can only travel about 20-40 miles to the house before they need battery charging
– They are very small
– They're expensive compared to the hybrid

Hybrid Benefits:
Now they're making models that are very similar to the average car on the road so they do not look "strange" the price has fallen to only pay a few thousand dollars for the hybrid
– The battery does not need to be plugged

Hybrid Disadvantages:
– Batteries are worn out and are very expensive to replace
– Spend more than one not a hybrid model
– Some models do not hold until the counter part

From today's day hybrid m g is always a better choice than the electricity. Limiting the electrical mileage alone is sufficient to keep the average purchase away from electricity. However, you see more and more roads, so watch out for electric cars becoming more popular. At present, electric cars are adopted more slowly by consumers than hybrids when hybrids first came out. So it is expected that hybrids will be the path of the future at least ten years later.

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