Hybrid vehicles

Cars or vehicles are the most important modes of transport in today's world, and different vehicles operate with different resources to ensure their efficient operation. Hybrid cars or hybrid vehicles are used to designate a vehicle with two or more resources that are mandatory for its operation. These versatile power sources, which play a key role in their operation, include an internal fuel cell or internal combustion engines, an onboard rechargeable energy storage system called RESS. It is important to note that one of the most common damages to the fueling vehicle is emissions and unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions, which increases the level of pollution that affects not only the environment but also affects human health.

Therefore, in such cases, hybrid vehicles are more often given preference, as extensive experiments have revealed that hybrid vehicles have a very low emissions level with conventional internal combustion engines and the face of rising fuel prices, these hybrid vehicles are useful for better fuel saving. This is due to several factors. Hybrid vehicles have a fantastic battery storage capacity that allows them to store reduced energy. In addition, hybrid cars are extremely suitable for driving on modern roads, as they provide the right conditions for transport in a high traffic situation. This is due to the fact that the diesel engine is running or the gasoline ends at idle or traffic stops, thus preventing the loss of unnecessary fuel sources. In addition to pollution, noise pollution is an increasing problem, and in this case, hybrid cars also face other types of vehicles, as the nose release levels are low in these vehicles.

There are different types of hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles or BEVs may occasionally have batteries that can be charged while moving the vehicle. Hybrid electric vehicles or HEVs are the most dominant of different hybrid vehicles and in fact the term hybrid vehicle is often used for hybrid electric vehicles only. These hybrid electric vehicles have internal combustion engines, different fuels or gasoline-powered diesel engines and do not have an electric battery to boost electric motors. Another outstanding version of the hybrid vehicle is the recent Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicle or the PHEV.

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