Hybrid Vehicles Going Mainstream

Large SUV owners, hybrid cars are no longer a joke version, now the mainstream are from America and are ready for another record date.

After gas prices rose by 13% in 2006, consumers came to hybrids and did not leave them because gas prices are still unstable and disturb consumers. General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor-build commercial vehicles and pickup trucks continue to sell their nose while hybrid car factories are immune to fluctuating gas prices and only rise when gas prices soar.

According to the KPMG International consultancy firm's latest survey, 89 percent of automakers questioned fuel efficiency as the most important factor when consumers choose new vehicles. Compared to 58% in 2002.

Now a new study has dispelled one of the arguments against the purchase of a hybrid car, that is the cost. Los Angeles-based www.Intelichoice.com now reports that hybrids save money on gas cars. On average, sedans of a size similar to the Prius Prize averaged $ 33,305 in the first five years compared to the Prius 19,897 hybrid. This is why more $ 1000- $ 5000 hybrid cars are usually spent. Not to mention the thousands saved with the fuel costs and the state discount programs!

With the rosy picture of hybrid cars, he thinks that Ford and GM are supporting hybrid car production this year. Surprisingly they can offer little in the near future. It seems to focus more on redundancies and slaughter production. They still can not shake SUVs. It is certain that the '90s were good for sales, but for 10 years it must be self-destructive. Who is Ford and GM, Ripp Van Winkle?

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